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LPE Residentieel

LPE Residential

Discover the innovative products of Landport Energy, such as our Energy Storage Systems (ESS) designed for home and small business needs up to 60 kWh. Our range includes home batteries like the Stack (a modular system ranging from 5 to 20 kWh in capacity) and the Mono-5 (a compact 5 kWh home battery designed for wall mounting).

Take charge of your own energy!

Store the green power from your solar panels, so that there is no need to use grey power even during peak hours and in the evenings.

Battery storage of green energy, generated by solar panels, offers significant benefits for sustainable energy use. The home batteries from Landport Energy make it possible to harness more green power and reduce the reliance on grey power.

Landport Energy exclusively* collaborates with Preferred Partners, installers committed to ensuring quality and service, offering their customers only the best energy storage solutions.

*We do not sell directly to consumers.

Sustainable Benefits


Don’t let your green power go to waste. On average, 30 to 50 percent of generated power is used for personal consumption. With the Stack, that percentage increases to 60 to 80 percent.

Reduce energy costs

Your own green energy during much of spring and summer, even on days with less sunlight! In an optimal situation, you will pay nothing for your power consumption for eight to nine months.


Home batteries help achieve a significant level of self-sufficiency. Additionally, during power outages, there’s always backup power. Moreover, you have control over your energy usage, providing more autonomy and flexibility.


Thanks to the use of LFP cell chemistry, home batteries are highly safe. In the event of a malfunction, the  Battery Management System (BMS) shuts down damaged components or the entire battery.

LPE RESIDENTIAL | Storage up to 60 kWh

Discover Landport Energy’s innovative products, such as our Energy Storage Systems (ESS) designed for home and small business needs up to 60 kWh.


Landport Energy’s Mono-5 is an integrated home battery, suitable for wall mounting, storing solar energy on sunny days and providing clean and reliable electricity on cloudy days.


Benefit from your own green energy, even on days with less sunlight, with Landport Energy’s stackable modular Stack home battery.


Hybrid inverters tailored to Landport Energy’s product range, ensuring safe and reliable on-grid and off-grid ESS.

Energy Meters

Smart energymeter van Landport Energy

With a smart energy meter, effortlessly monitor your energy consumption and generation.

How do I know which home battery is best for me?

To choose the right home battery, it is important to consider factors such as your energy needs, available space, budget, and the technical specifications of the batteries. Also, contemplate future energy requirements and sustainability goals.

Your installer will conduct an assessment of your preferences and possibilities. Subsequently, they’ll guide you through every step of the process, from the initial evaluation to the installation and maintenance of the home battery, ensuring you make the best choice for now and the future.

Stack thuisbatterij van Landport Energy

Frequently Asked Questions

A home battery stores excess electricity generated by solar panels or when the energy price is low. This stored energy can be used later, for example, at night or during peak hours.

Home batteries help you store and use your own generated solar energy when you need it most. They reduce dependence on the electricity grid and can lower energy costs.

The costs of a home battery vary depending on the type, capacity, and other factors. A rule of thumb for investing in a home battery plus hybrid inverter is around a thousand euros per kilowatt-hour of storage capacity.

No, Landport Energy is a B2B company; we supply to installers, resellers, and business customers. However, we can refer you to an installer (one of our Preferred Partners) who can provide a suitable solution for you.

“At Landport Energy, we believe in the power of reliable products that combine sustainability and performance, helping our customers excel in their projects.”

Niki Loffelt, Accountmanager Energy Storage

Niki Loffelt

Accountmanager Energy Storage