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Landport Energy presents innovative Energy Storage Systems (ESS) that propel your SME business forward. Discover how our ESS solutions, with impressive ROI potential, can reduce your energy costs, enhance your business continuity, and make your business more sustainable.

Take charge of your own energy!

Energy storage is crucial for businesses transitioning to sustainable energy. Landport Energy offers comprehensive battery storage systems with customized energy management systems.

Our systems regulate battery deployment based on demand and supply while monitoring battery conditions for sustainable performance.

Battery storage solutions like peak shaving, time shifting, and load shifting can address issues caused by grid congestion, such as load capacity shortages and temporary power supply.

LPE COMMERCIEEL | Opslag vanaf 60 kWh tot 180 kWh

Your Benefits


With battery storage systems, you can store solar or wind energy for use when these sources aren’t available. This reduces your reliance on fossil fuels and lowers CO2 emissions.

Cost Savings

Landport Energy’s battery storage systems reduce your need for expensive peak power, lower your energy costs by using stored energy, and in some cases, can even generate income by participating in energy markets.

Energy Efficiency

Landport Energy’s systems help optimize energy usage by storing excess energy that would otherwise be lost. This allows you to better align your energy consumption with demand, reducing waste.



Show your commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. This can enhance your company’s image and make it more appealing to customers, investors, and stakeholders who value sustainability.

LPE COMMERCIAL | Storage from 60kWh to 180kWh

Discover Landport Energy’s innovative products, such as our Energy Storage Systems (ESS) designed for small and SME business needs ranging from 60kWh to 180kWh.


For small business users, the Block-S, starting from 60kWh, is an interesting ESS solution with impressive ROI potential.

Capacity Block-S:
60kWh, scalable up to 180kWh


Landport Energy’s industrial systems, like the Block-L, consist of container storage of battery packs.

Capacity Block-L:
500kWh, scalable


Hybrid inverters tailored to Landport Energy’s product range, for safe and reliable on-grid and off-grid ESS.

Low voltage, single-phase, three-phase
High voltage, three-phase

Home Battery

Benefit from your own green energy, even on days with less sunshine, with Landport Energy’s home batteries.

Capacity Stack:
5 tot 20kWh, scalable up to a maximum of 60kWh.

How do I know what ESS is best for my business?

As an SME entrepreneur, you can choose the right battery storage by considering your energy needs, goals, available energy sources, budget, ROI, battery technology, warranties, expert advice, and regulations. Research and analysis are essential for an informed decision.

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What can Landport Energy do for you?

We understand the crucial importance of selecting the right battery storage for your business. Our focus is on supporting your business growth through smart energy solutions.

It all starts with an in-depth analysis of your energy consumption. We use historical data to identify peak usage and excess energy, enabling us to accurately determine the solution that best fits your needs.

When setting goals, we go beyond just cost savings. Do you want independence during power outages? Or aim for a more sustainable business operation? Together, we define the battery storage that supports your goals and maximizes your renewable energy sources like solar or wind

Our expert team is ready to guide you through the process, from choosing the right battery technology to managing installation and regulatory compliance. We not only offer a solution but also provide peace of mind for your investment.

At Landport Energy, we believe in transparency. That’s why we’re happy to share references and reviews from similar companies, empowering you to make an informed decision.

Choose Landport Energy and make a thoughtful investment in the future of your business. Together, let’s take a step towards a more efficient, sustainable, and profitable enterprise.

Frequently Asked Questions

An Energy Storage System (ESS) is a technological solution that enables the storage and later use of electricity, improving energy efficiency and the reliability of your operations.

An ESS from Landport Energy can store excess power and utilize it during peak hours, potentially lowering the energy bill.

Yes, our ESS systems are carefully designed to ensure safety. They comply with rigorous standards and are installed by Landport Energy authorized installers.

“Our solutions are designed to assist SME entrepreneurs in growing, focusing on reliability, efficiency, and a greener future.”

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Antal Adriaanse

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