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About Us

Landport continues to innovate in the field of energy storage. With the launch of Landport Energy, our focus extends to energy storage solutions, spanning from residential units to wind farms. Additionally, we have formed a strategic partnership with Toyota & EODev for the Dutch distribution of hydrogen generators.

Why Landport?

We believe the best deal you can make is a lifelong relationship, and personal connection is essential. At Landport, we stand for loyalty, reliability, and customer focus. For over 30 years, we’ve been delivering batteries that meet the highest safety standards, precisely when needed.

30 Years of Craftsmanship

Landport Energy operates as a division within Landport B.V. With 30 years of experience in batteries and energy storage, Landport proves to be a robust and reliable partner in sustainable energy storage solutions. By offering both small and large energy storage systems, Landport expands its horizons and focuses decisively on the future, where sustainability plays an increasingly significant role.

Since 2002, Landport Batteries has been part of the Louwman Group, a proud and committed family business founded in 1923. As a member of the Louwman family, Landport holds a strong and stable position in the market, instilling trust in its customers.

Als er één woord is dat het DNA van Landport beschrijft, dan is het ‘beschikbaarheid’. Het raakt de kernfunctie van onze rol, het beschrijft de drijfveer achter ons assortiment en het vangt de zeer persoonlijke manier waarop we bouwen aan de relaties met onze klanten en partners.


Our specialists are always visible and approachable, taking responsibility for our customers’ success. At Landport, it’s all about personal connection and service, especially in a world increasingly focused on products and technology.

If there’s one word that describes Landport’s DNA, it’s ‘availability.’ It touches upon the core function of our role, describes the drive behind our product range, and encapsulates the highly personal way we build relationships with our customers and partners.

Our Partners

Landport Warehouse

“Customer orientation” isn’t just a catchphrase at Landport. It is deeply ingrained in us.

Tim de Zwart, commercieel directeur Landport Batteries

Tim de Zwart

Commercial Director