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Word baas over je eigen energie!
Ontdek de innovatieve producten van Landport Energy!

Take charge of your own energy!

Discover Landport Energy’s innovative products, such as our modular Stack, designed for residential and small-scale needs up to 60 kWh. For commercial and industrial applications, Landport Energy offers advanced energy storage systems that guarantee reliability and efficiency, with capacities ranging from 60 kWh up to 1 or more MWh.

De Stack ESS van Landport Energy, een modulair systeem met een capaciteit van 5 tot 20 kWh.

Discover the innovative products of Landport Energy!

Don’t let your green energy go to waste. Store your self-generated solar energy in a home battery from Landport Energy. Use this energy when you need it most, such as at night or during peak hours.

Our range includes home batteries like the Stack (a modular system with a capacity of 5 to 20 kWh) and the Mono-5 (a compact 5 kWh home battery that can be wall-mounted).

For industrial applications, Landport Energy offers advanced energy storage systems that guarantee reliability and efficiency. Such as the Block-S (a 60 kWh battery pack, expandable up to 180 kWh) and the Block-L (a 10-foot container battery storage with a capacity of 250 kW/500 kWh). Explore also the LPE H2, a (mobile) 100 kVA hydrogen generator powered by Toyota.

Our product range


The Mono-5 is an integrated home battery suitable for wall mounting


The Stack, a modular home battery, combines functionality with an elegant design


For small business users, the Block-S, starting from 60 kWh, is an interesting ESS solution with an impressive ROI potential


Landport Energy’s industrial systems, such as the Block-L, consist of container storage of battery packs


Hybrid inverters tailored to Landport Energy’s product range, for safe and reliable on-grid and off-grid ESS systems

Landport Energy

Our specialists are always visible and approachable, taking responsibility for the success of our customers. At Landport, it’s all about personal connection and service, especially in a world increasingly focused on products and technology. If there is one word that describes the DNA of Landport, it is ‘availability’. It touches the core function of our role, describes the driving force behind our range, and captures the very personal way we build relationships with our customers and partners.

Landport Energy

Our mission

When Landport looks to the future, we envision a world where genuine attention is as commonplace as the availability of products, materials, and technology. Our mission is to offer our customers, partners, and ourselves optimal risk-free security and return certainty. We achieve this by forming sincere, sustainable, and international partnerships.

Landport Energy - Powered by Louwman Group is een activiteit van Landport B.V.

“The best deal you can make is a lifelong relationship; that’s what we believe at Landport.”

Marc van der Leij, Algemeen Directeur

Marc van der Leij

General Manager