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Landport Energy provides advanced ESS solutions for large companies with substantial energy needs. Our scalable systems optimize energy usage, are sustainable, and comply with all safety standards. Contact us today for an innovative approach to energy management.

Take charge of your own energy!

Landport Energy’s industrial systems consist of container storage units for battery packs. These 10, 20, or 40FT containers contain various compartments equipped with batteries and inverters.

The industrial system, ranging from 500 kWh+ to megawatt-hour solutions, not only enables the handling of significant peaks in network load but also brings a revenue model for trading electricity closer. Network operators are often willing to pay for extra capacity during peak moments on the grid.

Naturally, these systems are equipped with top-notch safety features.


Your Benefits


With battery storage systems, you can store solar or wind energy for use when these sources aren’t available. This reduces your reliance on fossil fuels and lowers CO2 emissions.

Cost Efficiency

Landport Energy’s battery storage systems reduce your need for expensive peak power, lower your energy costs by using stored energy, and also bring a revenue model for trading electricity closer.

Optimize Energy Usage

Landport Energy’s systems help optimize energy usage by storing excess energy that would otherwise be lost. This allows you to better align your energy consumption with demand, reducing waste.



Show your commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. This can enhance your company’s image and make it more appealing to customers, investors, and stakeholders who value sustainability.

How do I know which ESS is best for my business?

For large-scale businesses, there are specific considerations you can take into account to determine the right battery storage solution for your company. It’s advisable to collaborate with experts and suppliers experienced in large-scale battery storage projects. Our Storage Specialists are more than happy to provide you with further details.

1MWh battery storage system - Prologis, Tilburg

Energy Storage Goals

  • PEAKSHAVING | Reduce consumption peaks
  • OFF-GRID | Achieve grid independence
  • UPS/EPS | Emergency power supply
  • GRID PROTECTION | Protect against congestion
  • FOOTPRINT LIMITATION | Increase the use of self-generated green energy
  • FINANCIAL | Participation in trading markets (FCR, aFRR, imbalance market, Day-Ahead, Intra-Day)

What Landport Energy can offer your company:

Landport Energy provides tailor-made Energy Storage System (ESS) solutions for large companies with significant energy needs. Our innovative ESS solutions are designed to surpass your energy storage requirements and offer various benefits.

With substantial storage capacity, our systems optimize your energy consumption and reduce costs. Scalability is key, allowing your system to grow with changing needs. Sustainability is guaranteed with our robust systems that offer extensive warranties.

We utilize leading lithium-ion battery technology known for reliability and efficiency. Our detailed financial evaluations ensure an excellent return on your ESS investment.

Through smart energy management, monitoring, and strict adherence to safety standards, we ensure efficiency and safety. Our experts guide you through the entire process, from evaluation to implementation.

Landport Energy doesn’t just provide control over your energy costs but also helps contribute to a cleaner future.

Transform your energy management with our ESS solutions. Explore the possibilities today!

LPE INDUSTRIAL | Storage from 180 kWh and above

Discover Landport Energy’s innovative products, such as our Energy Storage Systems (ESS) designed for industrial and large-scale needs starting from 180 kWh.


For small business users, the Block-S, starting from 60 kWh, offers an interesting ESS solution with impressive ROI potential.

Capacity Block-S:
60 kWh, scalable up to 180 kWh


Landport Energy’s industrial systems, like the Block-L, consist of container storage of battery packs.

Capacity Block-L:
500 kWh, scalable


Custom energy storage systems in 10, 20, or 40FT containers.

Capacity Block-XXL:
500 kWh+


LPE H2 | 100 kVA Waterstof Aggregaat

In the event of power outages or when no power grid is available, the LPE H2 electro-hydrogen generator meets your energy needs without CO2 emissions or particulate matter.

100 kVA power

Frequently Asked Questions

An Energy Storage System (ESS) is a technology designed to store electricity and deliver it when needed. It’s commonly utilized in industrial and large-scale applications to reduce peak loads, manage energy costs, and enhance the reliability of power supply.

There are several types of ESS available, including lithium-ion batteries, flow batteries, supercapacitors, and thermal storage systems.

ESS systems can aid in reducing energy costs, enhancing grid stability, and improving power supply reliability. They can also serve as backup power and facilitate the integration of renewable energy sources.

“At Landport Energy, we focus on sustainability and continuity in energy management. Our ESS solutions offer efficiency and reliable operation.”

Tony Vreman – Business Developer Energy Storage Systems

Tony Vreman

Business Developer Energy Storage Systems