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Landport Energy Warehouse

Our Products

Don’t let your green energy go to waste. Store your self-generated solar energy in a home battery from Landport Energy. Use this energy when you need it most, such as at night or during peak hours. Our range includes home batteries like the Stack (a modular system with a capacity of 5 to 20 kWh) and the Mono-5 (a compact 5 kWh home battery that can be wall-mounted).

For business and industrial applications, Landport Energy offers advanced energy storage systems that guarantee reliability and efficiency. Such as the Block-S (a 60 kWh battery pack, expandable to 180 kWh) and the Block-L (a 10-foot container battery storage with a capacity of 250 kW/500 kWh). Explore also the LPE H2, a (mobile) 100 kVA hydrogen generator powered by Toyota.

Word baas over je eigen energie! Ontdek de innovatieve producten van Landport Energy!

“At Landport Energy, we believe in the power of reliable products that combine sustainability and performance, aiding our customers to excel in their projects.”

Niki Loffelt

Sales Energy Storage